Organizations and Affiliations

Below are the motorcycle based organizations I am affiliated with. None of these are to be confused with sponsors, but these are the groups that I give a bit of money to for their benefits:


American Motorcycling Association

I decided to get a membership with AMA to primarily have towing as an option in case I had any issues with my motorcycle. I enjoy their publications and I have since joined their Long Rider program in hopes of at least hitting 100,000 Lifetime Miles, but I feel I will get more than that with my long distance touring spirit.

Iron Butt Association

I decided that there was an opportunity to see if I had an interest in long distance riding. Given a spare of the moment opportunity, I decided to take off in a 1,006 mile sprint to Rocky Point, NC and back in hopes to have the ride of a lifetime. What I took away was that I enjoyed riding long miles and that the sights were amazing…for tourist trips. It’s ok just to lay the miles down every once and a while.

Tour of Honor

My interest in Tour of Honor stemmed from my need to ride 7,500 miles during 2017 as one of my New Year’s goals. My father in law introduced it to me, so it used it as an opportunity to learn more about history, to travel to new states, and to put down some miles.