Motorcycle Reviews

This page will be the new host page for all motorcycle reviews. Motorcycle reviews will be associated to all other blog updates, but this will provide a bit more organization. This will also allow each of us to see all the motorcycles that I have ridden to review. If you have any requests, I will do my best to accommodate and  review. The format for my future motorcycle reviews are as follows:

  • pictures of the entire motorcycle
  • detailed specification information
  • on-board video of a ride
  • personal take on motorcycle and its potential ups and downs
  • my personal purchasing decisions: Buy, Try or Rent

I hope to be able to provide these updates via attending demo events, completing test rides at dealerships (hopefully on a case by case situation) and by try experiences whether borrowing a friends bike or by renting a bike.


*Imaged Sourced from The Moto Lady blog covering the women’s Motorcycle Show Gallery*