Running with the Milwaukee 8

I was hoping to make a break for it and ride some motorcycles during what looked like a short period of time before rain would settle in. I’m planning a long ride in Ohio in June, so I am trying to find a way to do an amazing ride. Enter Harley Davidson. Ever since my rider’s course, I’ve had a lot of interest in Harley and I’ve always wanted to consider what I might be interested in owning. I’ve been doing a lot following along once HD announced the reveal of the new 107 Milwaukee 8 engine for the 2017 touring models. This excited meas a potential buyer for all of the new upgrades and updates. Since Harley dealerships are a lot easier to come by for rentals in Ohio, my only other option included Indian Chieftain and Roadmasters, and Honda Goldwings from the Eagle Rider or any of the BMW touring models or their famous R 1200 GS. Since I struggle with height, roughly a 30″ inseam on a good day, I needed lower seat height and something that I was going to feel comfortable on. Sadly, the Eagle Rider is further way than I wanted to commit to, so that ultimately left me with the Harley. I’m perfectly fine with that as I had previously sat on a couple of models and at worse case scenario, I decided that I would just go with an Ultra Limited Low.

Enter the 2017 Harley Davidson Road Glide Special…

Ultimately, I headed over to Knoxville Harley Davidson on Clinton Highway to check out their demo motorcycles. They have an “everyday is demo day” policy where you can come in an test ride any motorcycle you want.  I picked a bike, signed some papers, got a tag and I was ready to go. Below is the full video of my short experience:

I stopped short because I honestly have never ridden in the rain until this video. I also returned quickly because typically, the dealership doesn’t demo in the rain, so I wanted to keep my relationship with them strong. Ultimately, I loved this experience. The fixed faring made for a great experience, and I loved the power plant. The audio was great for what I got to experience of the Boom Box Audio 6.5. The seat high is perfect, I have great reach of all of the controls, and I think that this bike is going to make my trip perfect. I’ve got a couple more weeks to finalize my tour and rental details, so until then, you’ll just have to subscribe and see where it goes!


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