Big Ridge State Park- Ghost House Loop & Lake Trail

On February 26, we set off on an adventure to hike at Big Ridge State Park in Maynardville, TN. We had a plan of completing at least 5 miles. So we started at the trailhead.

The trail map is pretty easy to follow, it’s pretty smart to take a photo copy and keep it with you. So the trail is pretty easy, well marked and before you know it you will be at the dam in the middle. It is about 1/2 mile to the Big Ridge Dam. Instead of following the left to the West Dark Hallow, we followed right still on the Lake View Trail. This trail is quite scenic and very enjoyable.

After a mile, we came to the beginning of the Ghost House Loop Trail.

The trail is easily marked by these easy to see trail markers.

Despite all of the stores of how this is potentially the most haunted trail in Tennessee, we heard a lot of wildlife. We were within 150 yard of 5 deer (too far away for a good cell phone photo) and we heard would sounded like a sympathy of frogs/toads for 3 minutes. The total trail distance for the Ghost House Loop Trail is 1.1 miles (but don’t forget about the cemeteries).

After completing the Ghost House Loop Trail, we followed the road to the Old Mill and followed the Old Mill Trail around Big Ridge Lake through the first set of rental cabins back to the parking lot.

┬áHere’s the cabin

and the view around the lake.

Ultimately, we completed an estimated 4.11 miles throughout all of our adventures while at Big Ridge. It’s a great park, not always heavily trafficked (especially during the cooler weather months). Check out the park’s website for more information. There’s group campsites, 6 person cabin rentals and many trails for hiking. Plus, there’s tons of waterways for all kinds of recreational boating.


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