Motorcycle Gear & Technology Preview

Just like I did for my outdoor gear, I think it is important for me to share my honest opinions on the things I use every time I go for a ride. Gear, technology and equipment are all very important to ensure that we have the best time when we ride. I believe it is also important to discover which items will help us the most. When it comes to the items we need, no matter what our budget is we always evaluate on the following principles: durability (how long will this last me), accessibility (do I have to order this or can I look at the item in a store AND can I use this while I’m riding or only when I’m stopped), affordability, and multi-purpose functionality (can I use this for more than one purpose). We may also find that reviews from reputable sources may also be valid. Reputable sources typically include product reviews from customers, moto vlogger reviews, retailer reviews (Revzilla, Motorcycle Superstore, etc.), and from word of mouth of friends, riding partners, and/or motorcycle club members.

Here are some of the technology and gear that I have accessible for riding and a preview review:


  • Tour Master Flex Series 3 Jacket: received this jacket as a birthday gift, this convertible jacket offers a water-resistant outer shell that is removable as well as a fleece liner for cooler days. Picked up this jacket in red and love it thus far.
  • Speed and Strength Rust and Redemption Armored Moto Shirt: this jacked was purchased to provide a more casual look while also maintaining protection in case of a crash. I’ve worn this jacket during summer months but does not insulate thus not being great for colder riders.
  • Bilt Iron Workers Steel Jeans: these are my first pair of armored jeans and they work great. Fitment is right on can be a little long depending upon the boots I wear. Knee pads are fairly large, but I am looking to replace these with a smaller, more impact resistant set.
  • Bilt Demon Waterproof Gloves: these are my cold weather gloves and took a while to get use to. I picked these up two days before I picked up my Virago (and I’m glad I did). These gloves keep my hands warm without the need of a liner and work great! I haven’t tested the waterproofing, but I look forward to testing it out.
  • Seven Zero Seven Backlash Helmet: picked up this helmet from CycleGear. One of the first full face helmets I could find that fit my head. Super comfortable but does feel a bit heavy. Helmet does provide adequate space from the chin bar and can be easily set up for a bluetooth headset.


  • Google Maps (downloadable maps): many people don’t realize that you can make custom maps and download them to your phone. I have utilized an old phone that’s not longer in service to download maps to and use as my preliminary GPS. The only issues are that maps can be limited, there are no traffic updates (no live connection) and space limitations of the phone. Great backup option.
  • Garmin Zumo 220: picked this up on a deal off of Ebay. Great GPS even though it is smaller in size than most current models offered by Garmin and Tom Tom. It did come up updated maps, so it should stay up to date for some time before coming outdated.
  • Sena 10S Dual Pack: after utilizing a SMH10 with my father in-law, I found it would be best to stay with the times and get the current model. FM radio works great, audio clarity is in great quality, speakers are plenty loud with room to spare, and battery life is excellent. I have used the battery for several long weekend rides before needing to charge, and the app support is great.
  • Revr mobile app: this app is great for mapping rides, recording notes, and being engaged in the community. I love using the app when data usage isn’t an issue.
  • Go Pro Hero 3+ Black: got this for a killer deal on Ebay. Records in great quality, primary use a 1080p, 60f output that is a smooth production. For the price I paid, it doesn’t bother me how old this Go Pro is.

I believe this covers all of my current gear and technology additions that make my riding awesome. Look forward to upcoming in-depth reviews of these items. Hopefully some of these reviews will encourage you to try one of these items out for yourself. If you have any questions that you would like answered about these items, feel free to leave a comment below!


Thanks for reading!


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