The Gear List

As for any good trip, the trip can be made great or lead to great difficulty based upon the gear that you are able to use. I have learned over my 15+ years in Scouting that it is not always the name brand gear that can take care of you. I have also learned that sometimes you need more that what you have, and that forces us to make the best of what we have during our trips.

Below I am going to list out a lot of my gear that I currently have access to. In some upcoming posts, I will provide an in-depth review of these products, but for now I will provide a preview review and link to either a manufacturer’s website or an outfitter who currently sells the item. Currently, I have no ties to any brands, and I am not being paid for my reviews.

Gear List

Backpack and Accessories:

  • Osprey Packs (1990’s 65+L pack): designed for mountaineering, the pack that I currently own was purchased used, but provides ample storage space for all gear, and could be utilized for up to 5 days. This pack does have a rain cover.

Shelters and Sleeping Accessories:

  • Xscape Designs Explorer 2 Person Dome Tent: this tent was given to me by my father as part of a credit card rewards system. This tent has ample room for two adults with space in between and some gear.
  • Napier Sportz SUV Tent Model 82000: I won this tent at the Knoxville Auto Show. This tent is spacious, and has room for 4+ adults. This tent can also attach to a SUV to allow a weather protected access to a vehicle’s cargo area.
  • ENO DoubleNest Hammock: got this when hammocks started to become a big hit. Though it is several years old, I’ve only used it a handful of times, but do have some experience sleeping in it and getting my Golden Retriever in it.
  • Various Coleman Sleeping Bags: sometimes, you purchase what you can afford and utilize it to the best of your ability. I have 2 synthetic filled sleeping bags, one rectangular and one semi-rectangular bag. Both are warm to at least 50 degrees, one of which may be warm to 40 degrees.
  • REI Igneo: recently picked this bag up at the end of this product’s current model run. I’m extremely excited to utilize this bag and tell you all about it. Short facts include 700 fill duckdown and water resistant coating.
  • ALPS Mountaineering MicroFiber Camp Pillow: ordered these to have some kind of pillow while camping. I got these super cheap, but not sure these are the best pillows for the money.

  • Ruffwear Highlands Portable/ Backpacking Dog Bed: this was given as a gift for my dog when we go camping. He does well to use it being a 72lbs. Golden Retriever.

    Cooking and Kitchen Accessories:

  • MSR Whisperlite Universal: this backpacking stove utilizes 4 different kinds of gas (propane, stove fuel, kerosene, and gasoline). It’s a great stove, still has the classic reliability of a Whisperlite, and is easy to use and maintain.
  • Various Sea to Summit Camp Kitchen Accessories: these include the X-pot/Kettle, X-Pot 2.8L and X-Mugs. These items are great due to their space saving ability and ease of use. Not quite sure of their full longevity but have been great thus far.
  • MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Kit: this kit is great for gathering supplies for cooking on the trail. There are many great accessories and I have used almost everything in the kit. Ultimately, I believe this is an amazing kit!
  • MSR Ceramic Flex Skillet: great kitchen item to remind you of home while on the trails. Easy, lightweight, and heats evenly.
  • Katadyn Hiker Microfilter: got for a heck of a deal on a brand new filter. Used it while hiking part of the AT and still getting use to not having to boil my water.

Lightning and Accessories

  • Black Diamond Storm Headlamp: works great, waterproof, and has a red lamp for low light situations. Heavy duty, has light dimming capabilities and provides enough light for navigating trails at night.
  • Sierra LEDs Super Bright LED Lantern: got this lantern for $1 on an Amazon flash sale. Works amazingly well and lights up a dark campsite.


I believe that this covers most of my supplies. I may update over time as things get added, and I hope you look forward to my gear reviews. I will also link these posts together as I post them. If you have any questions or any questions of you have about these items, feel free to leave a comment so that I can make sure I address them in my review posts!


Thanks for reading, and if you like the direction of my blog, feel free to give a like and/or to follow for future posts!



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